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Midnight Sex RunMidnight Sex Run (2015)


Director: Ted Beck, Jordan Kessler

Stars: Jordan Kessler, Ted Beck, Dave Shalansky

Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy

IMDB Rating: 1.5

Release: 28 April 2015 (Usa)

Midnight Sex Run :-Watch Midnight Sex Run on,Two men are sent on a quest to save their dads in 24 hours.I’m absolutely amazed that anyone would waste time or money making such a terrible movie. This borders on sick porn, it’s not funny, not clever, the actors are unattractive, the storyline is bad, the direction and camera work is crap, the script is so bad it would be hard to even write it intentionally that bad. I think you get the message.could not make it through more then halfway and even that was because I had a weird interest in seeing how bad it was going to get.And the anti-Jewish sentiment did not help either. I realize it was meant to be humor but that’s not how it came across.The movie begins with bullying. Isn’t that great? We all know how much fun bullying is, right? Nobody likes chubby little kids anyway, so let’s laugh as our two heroes blow apart a loser’s manhood with a firecracker! (GROAN) Are there actual minds out there that don’t understand the issue of bullying in today’s world? For the people referring to these writers as “genius”; Have you not a single recollection of ONE of the thousands of reports about teen suicide? For someone “in the industry”, you must be wearing horse blinders to not realize how unpopular this crap is. It’s outright stupid.We jump years ahead to meet the adult bullies Jordan and Ted, played by the film’s writers Jordan & Ted – Who lack so much talent & creativity that they ignored imagining different names for their characters. Jordan and Ted are two selfish a-holes who can’t get laid as an easy setup for their plot device.

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