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Michael Lost and FoundMichael Lost and Found (2017)


Director: Daniel Wilner

Stars : Mike Glatze, Rebekah Glatze, Benjie Nycum

Genre : Documentary | Short

IMDB Rating: 5.9

Release: 27 May 2017 (Usa)

Michael Lost and Found :- Watch Michael Lost and Found on This is not as much a review as it is information about the short film (no spoilers here).If you haven’t watched this short film, you should watch “I Am Michael” first (an OK movie), the story for which this documentary short is a follow up. Or, at least google the story so that you can have context.If you have watched it and feel unsatisfied with the content, do the above as well. It would have been very difficult for this short to have included all of the back story and details necessary to have the viewer completely understand the catharsis here. Think of this short as a starting point that triggers a curiosity to go and find out what led these three to this point.What I appreciated about this short documentary is really what wasn’t included: possible very personal conversations between the two men about their relationship; possible conversations with Rebekah. It’s nice to think that some personal things can and should stay personal.The things I did appreciate that were included (and more telling than the conversations) were the facial expressions while someone else was talking; the subconscious, or unconscious, movements (playing with wedding ring, toes flexing, rocking, physical contact, etc.). All of these spoke volumes.All in all, it was very nice to ‘meet’ the people whose story I was familiar with and have a bit of an update.I also very much appreciated that some people are starting to find that Christ is really about kindness and being helpful to others, not about judging, condemning, and casting aside.

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