Watch Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland (2017) Movie Online Free

Michael Jackson Searching for NeverlandMichael Jackson: Searching for Neverland ( 2017)


Director: : Dianne Houston

Stars : Chad L. Coleman, Navi, Sam Adegoke

Genre : Biography | Drama

IMDB Rating: 7.0

Release: 29 May 2017 (Usa)

Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland :- Watch Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland on putlockerwatch.commessy, uneven, poorly edited, at times laughable. honestly I don’t know why people are rating this so highly, everything in this film is basic TV Movie fodder especially the script. A subject about MJ should be taken seriously, as it was to a point, but the poor script, the poor direction, and acting from so many actors that I can’t really put the fault on them solely, they did after all show up to work! But this actor who plays MJ, Navi, must only work as a MJ impersonator, and not a good one at that, as every time he spoke, his English accent broke through distracting us. Its not his fault either, he ONLY does MJ and can’t actually act. This is shocking as England is a place that has amazing talented actors in every show able to do any accent convincingly. Not so here. The production also is at fault, having literally nothing to work with, especially MJ’s music, and really only afforded Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative”. The editing was literally all over the place, one moment we’re sad and stressed then CUT right to the family at a go cart track. I’m not going to give this high marks like everyone else who thought this was an amazing film, they are all misguided. They miss MJ, that’s why they rate this so highly. I feel a documentary based on these security guys are what is needed, not a sappy TV movie.

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