Watch Memories of a Penitent Heart (2016) Movie Online Free

Memories of a Penitent HeartMemories of a Penitent Heart ( 2016)


Director: Cecilia Aldarondo

Stars : Thomas Mann, Marin Ireland, Lily Mae Harrington

Genre : Documentary | Family

IMDB Rating: 7.5

Release: 15 April 2016 (Usa)

Memories of a Penitent Heart :- Watch Memories of a Penitent Heart on, Quietly powerful and intimate family documentary, as the film-maker tries to make sense of her uncle’s too-short life twenty five years after his death from what was called cancer, but was actually AIDS.Coming from a religious catholic family, with an extremely strict and conservative matriarch, young Miguel left his home in Puerto Rico and moved to New York to become an actor. He developed a deep. loving relationship with a gay ex-priest, which soon morphed from being lovers to the deepest of non-sexual friendships, so Miguel would prowl the night and take on sexual partners in the days before anyone really understood what a potential death sentence that had become.With his illness he was pulled between his soul mate who wanted him to be himself, and his mother, who wanted him to repent his sinful life, so that he could get into heaven. Meanwhile, the rest of the family was to varying degrees at least more empathetic with Miguel’s sexuality, but were afraid to anger his mother by questioning her.In exploring this history many years later film-maker Cecilia Aldarondo discovers family secrets, torn up hearts and souls, and her own desire to make sense of her family’s unresolved pain.

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