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Marvelous MandyMarvelous Mandy (2016)


Director: Chase Dudley

Stars: Paula Marcenaro Solinger, Jessica Paige York, Debbie Davis

Genre: Fntasy | Thriller

IMDB Rating: 6.6

Release: 17 Oct 2016 (Usa)

Marvelous Mandy :- Watch Marvelous Mandy on, Let’s start by saying this review won’t have spoilers in it , as I always believe you cannot be subjective if you don’t view a film in its entirety. For me this film was a clever intertwining of unfortunate dullard single dad Harvey’s life with that of false and psychotic ‘Mandy’ Simpkins , a children’s author. It is the well placed casting of Harvey, played by Johnathan Stottman , that engages the viewer most. Stottman conveys a convincing performance as the adorable and bumblingly perfectly endearing single father, who is coping admirably as he tries to raise his daughter Clementine (played exceptionally well by Kenna Hardin). We also meet ‘Mandy’ , played by Paula Marcenaro Solinger, the seemingly sweet author of the Marvelous Mandy children’s books. Mandy appears a beautiful and happy go lucky character but as the film progresses we delve deeper in her fractured psyche and learn the truth of who really is MANDY. Solinger delivers , throughout the film, the complex blend of crazy and complex along with the sweet with the sour. Director Chase Dudley and Writer Brentt Slabchuck work well together to tell this tale of love gone wrong. Though Slabchuck’s writing we meet each character and feel more in tune with who they each are as the story evolves. Through Dudley’s direction the characters come alive and draw us into this dangerous story of love gone wrong. As the story evolves we see some minor flaws with the production – purely a clear indication of financial limitations- but the story shines through and I myself was desperate to see how Harvey would uncover the truth and end Mandy’s evil reign of succubus proportions. This is a solid film and ,with minor adjustments, could become a popular for Harvey’s endearing quality alone (how he was written, directed and acted was perfect for the role).

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