Watch Marty’s Sunshine Farms (2017) Movie Online Free

Marty Sunshine Farms Marty’s Sunshine Farms (2017)


Director: Sebastien Nuta

Stars : Brayden Ferrell, Frank Ludwig, Jeff Tendall

Genre : Short | Comedy

IMDB Rating: 6.5

Release: Jan 2017 (Usa)

Marty’s Sunshine Farms :- Watch Marty’s Sunshine Farms on,An old man lives blissfully in a secret cavern beneath a carrot farm but his desire for human interaction eventually puts his life in jeopardy.Rudolph lives alone in a secret cavern beneath a carrot farm. He dreams of befriending the family above him, and occasionally comes out of hiding to watch the farmer’s son, Billy, playing in the fields. He does his best to stay out of sight, but his severe asthma forces him to steal inhalers from Billy’s bedroom. Mysterious sightings on the farm increasingly put Marty, the farmer, and Billy on edge. Their suspicion is justified when Marty accidentally discovers Rudolph’s cavern in a freak crash involving a tractor. Rudolph must face the fact that his time with the family might be up.

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