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Marjorie Prime (2017)


Director : Michael Almereyda

Stars : Stephanie Andujar, Hana Colley, Geena Davis

IMDB Rating : 6.4

Genre : Mystery | Crime | Romance

Release Date : 19 Oct 2017

Marjorie Prime :- Watch . Marjorie Prime on,There was a lot of posturing for this movie really got going.It wasn’t until an hour in before my imagination was twigged.And then the movie was over.So a painful run up that had me almost turn the film off, then a meander into a compelling story line.It was painful the first hour, so dry and uninviting. There’s not much to get into in the first half of the movie, but then the twist is shown and partially developed just to end suddenly.Disappointing really, where there was potential, it seems as if this film never really got there.A poor mans black mirror, which should have focused on the more compelling story line, that only really takes shape in the second half of the film.They also referenced the film “her” in promotional materials, but this film doesn’t really compare to the far more complete movie “her”

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