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Manny DearestManny Dearest ( 2017)


Director: Chad Krowchuk

Stars : Ashley Scott, Mitch Ryan, Woody Jeffreys

Genre : Thriller

IMDB Rating: 5.9

Release: 2017

Manny Dearest :- Watch Manny Dearest on,In her bathtub, a beautiful blonde woman is drowned by a hooded intruder. As she succumbs, handsome killer Mitch Ryan (as Alex Smith) comes into focus, regretfully telling her, “We could have been a family.” We’re sure he’s the obviously deranged title character of the story. Quickly, we learn the murderous young man is a “manny”. This fitting term is explained as a combination of “man” and “nanny”. It’s nice to learn new things by watching TV movies. Mr. Ryan’s next job is at the big, lovely home belonging to beautiful blonde Ashley Scott (as Karen Clark). She’s a single, working mother of two young boys. After a string of weird “nanny” and “manny” applicants, Ms. Scott happily hires Mr. Ryan. He’s very attractive, great with kids, willing to clean her large house, and likes to cook delicious meals. In fact, he sounds too good to be true…Of course, Ryan sets out to become the real man of the house. He’s a hard worker. Ryan has an obstacle, however, as Ms. Clark is very seriously engaged with three-years-sober and now responsible boyfriend Woody Jeffreys (as Greg Hitchens)

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