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ManhuntManhunt (2017)


Director: John Woo

Stars : Hanyu Zhang, Masaharu Fukuyama, Stephy Qi

IMDB Rating : 5.5

Genre : Acion

Release Date :23 Nov 2017

Manhunt :- Watch . Manhunt on,John Woo (1946-) is the most important Chinese filmmaker of today. His use of self- conscious montage is exceeding any other genre filmmakers including Hollywood. When we met at Taipei government office in 2006, he taught me about his way of directing a film in front of hundreds of film students and journalists who flooded the large hall. First, he does not draw any story board by him self instead he does montage list(shot list). It is true that his ex-DP during earlier days of Taiwan era testified this fact. The main reason is his use of multi-camera operation and its highly exaggerated and consciously exceeding multi-camera editing. The latter is feature and tendency of Hong Kong film expression. The other one is importance of understanding various use of shots. It can be interpreted as director’s deep knowledge of cinematography and montage. All of them is true and effective even in student filmmaking. Furthermore, Mr.Woo is the kindest filmmaker ever met. On the country to elegant Ang Lee and Hou Xiaoxian. I remember him with perfect image and full of respect as a gentleman.The film ManHunt (Mainland China/ Hong Kong coproduction, 2017) is dedicated to Ken Takakura’s famous action film Kimi yo Fundo no Kawa o Watare (1976). The story is a kind of Red Corner and Fugitive type story that involving huge pharmacy which is developing a new stimulant which enabling subject to be more powerful and aggressive; innocent lawyer Du Qiu set up by them for Red Corner-like plot; Gerard-like detective Yamura who finds innocence of the fugitive Du Qiu during chasing him on the road, at the end they corporate to destroy the CEO of the evil pharmacy, Sakai. This is the main action line.

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