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Man UndergroundMan Underground ( 2016)


Director: Michael Borowiec

Stars : George Basil, Andy Rocco, Pamela Fila

Genre : Drama | Sci-Fi

IMDB Rating: 7.2

Release: 2016 (Usa)

Man Underground :- Watch Man Underground on,  Let’s cut to the chase: “Man Underground”, which premiered July 22 at the Fantasia Film Festival, is among the best films screening in Montreal this year. Whether you think it is top three or top ten will vary on personal preference, but there is no doubt that everyone who attends the screening will be very happy that they did. This is the sort of film that encompasses the full range from humorous to sad to terrifying, and never feels forced.None of the cast or crew involved are what you might call big names. Based on their combined credits, this film seems to have had its genesis in a group of people who were working for CollegeHumor. Interestingly, this is not really a comedy, but rather more a tragedy with morsels of horror and science fiction. Even more interesting, perhaps, is that for both writer-directors (Michael Borowiec and Sam Marine), this is their first feature length film. If they continue making features, we should be looking forward to years of great movies in the future.The three main actors (George Basil, Pamela Fila and Andy Rocco) work great together and their characters provide an incredible balance, making the three of them equal parts to a greater whole. As much as Willem (Basil) is serious, he is counteracted by Todd (Rocco)’s humor and Flossie (Fila)’s sweetness and caring. The fourth character that stood out was Shack, played by Alex Watt. Shack has a great interaction with Willem, and it is within their exchanges that we appreciate how intelligent Willem is. Shack believes in conspiracy theories and aliens, but he believes them out of ignorance. Willem, on the other hand, is not a conspiracy nut – he isn’t raving about moon hoaxes or the JFK assassination – but is only trying to present what he personally knows to be the truth to a world that is teeming with skeptics.

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