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Mamaboy Mamaboy ( 2017)


Director: : Aaron Leong

Stars : Sean O’Donnell, Alexandria DeBerry, Gary Busey

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Family

IMDB Rating: 4.0

Release: 23 May 2017 (Usa)

Mamaboy :- Watch Mamaboy on,The cast did a wonderful job at bringing their characters to life. Mikey Reid was hilarious as Kelly’s oddball best friend ‘Ditto’ and he and Sean worked well off each other throughout. Dylan Riley Snyder (Kickin’ It) nailed his part as the pesty ‘Milton’. Other standouts for me were Cassidy Ann Shaffer who played a girl crazy for Kelly named ‘Candy’, Jesse Miller as ‘Nurse Zelda’, Pamela Finny who played ‘Mom’ and ‘Uncle Theus’ played by J.D. Rudometkin.I thought the pregnancy aspect was handled nicely as well. I tip my hat off to the makeup/special effects department for keeping it as realistic as possible stretchmarks and all! I’d also like to point out how it was cool that different sizes of the belly were used for each stage. In many other pregnancy films a character will find out they’re pregnant and a scene or two later already look like they’re 6 months!
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