Watch Maddman The Steve Madden Story (2017) Movie Online Free

Maddman The Steve Madden StoryMaddman: The Steve Madden Story (2017)


Director: Ben Patterson

Stars : Harry Dean Stanton, David Lynch, Ron Livingston

Genre : Documentary

IMDB Rating: 6.5

Release: 2017 (Usa)

Maddman: The Steve Madden Story :- Watch Maddman: The Steve Madden Story on, Functioning in the mode of a lifestyle documentary like Dogtown and Z-Boys, Ben Patterson’s Maddman: The Steve Madden Story tells the sweeping take the shoe impresario, a self-made man who started from the bottom as a shoe salesman, worked his way to the top, fell from grace, and came back leading his Long Island City-based design house. It’s a lively, energetic story that only occasionally veers into that documentary gray area called Branded Content. In the opening random shoppers are asked, “What do you know about Steve Madden?,” and evidently nobody knows much about the man.Told through interviews with Madden, his brother John, his ex-wife Wendy, and several key employees, many from the old days relay the story of how a fashion brand with one SoHo store grew into a billion dollar business. After a modest success with his signature Marilyn shoe, his company goes public via Jordan Belfort’s Stratton Oakmont with disastrous results for Steven as he gets pinched for securities fraud. Jail turns out to grant Madden a new lease on life after falling for his operations manager Wendy, who was assigned to pay him weekly visits in lock-up. He gains a family and life-long friends whom he grants second chances to.

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