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LowridersLowriders (2017)


Director: : Ricardo de Montreuil

Stars: Melissa Benoist, Eva Longoria, Theo Rossi

Genre: Drama

IMDB Rating: 7.8

Release: 12 May 2017 (Usa)

Lowriders Full Movie :-Watch Lowriders on,A young street artist in East Los Angeles is caught between his father’s obsession with lowrider car culture, his ex-felon brother and his need for self-expression.This film depicts the glorified Low Rider society in Southern California, LA County. The people and how they live for their cars fixed up and clean cherried to the T in the best of mint condition restoration only to Ride Low and Slow. However the dark side of the life style and the way of life to get on Top to establish the Street Creds for the status to be noticed and resorted. This film tells it all in the best fashion in the Low Rider Life.If nothing else, “Lowriders” offers an insightful contemporary snapshot of some of Los Angeles’ easternmost neighborhoods, from Boyle Heights to Elysian Park and Echo Park. Long home to working class Latino communities, these areas have recently become hotspots for gentrification, and most attempts to put them on film have tended to focus exclusively on one side or the other. In reality these demographics mix freely, if sometimes awkwardly, and it feels refreshingly realistic to see our teenage graffiti-artist hero Danny Alvarez (Gabriel Chavarria) hit up an illicit car show, a bougie art walk, a quinceañera and real-life Downtown punk venue the Smell in the span of a few weeks.Immersed in the Mexican-American lowrider tradition, Danny practically grew up in the garage of his recovering alcoholic father Miguel (a convincingly sorrowful Demian Bichir), and Miguel’s choice of a business name — Alvarez & Sons Motors — leaves little mystery as to the career he hopes Danny will pursue. More at home with a set o
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