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Long ShotLong Shot ( 2017)


Director: Jacob LaMendola

Stars : Juan Catalan, Larry David, Todd Melnik

Genre : Documentary

IMDB Rating: 7.8

Release: 03 SEP 2017 (Usa)

Long Shot :- Watch Long Shot on, I think we all get really upset when we find out an innocent man is convicted of a crime. The upset many times turns to outrage if the innocent party has been railroaded by law enforcement. I think most folks who never have any first hand contact with such have believed this almost never happens. Since the proliferation of a diverse number of real crime related shows this perception has been totally blown up.. There has been a whole generation of law enforcement who use very questionable tactics in order to achieve outcomes pre-determined must be. It’s easy to blame “bad cops”, but it’s a generational thing that has morphed into what it is by being handed down to younger officers with only the admonition that it was successful before. One wonders if not for many innocently convicted people ultimately being exonerated through DNA and various other methods if this abuse would have just festered further?Something else…science has now proved eye-witness testimony to be deeply flawed even immediately after an event and much more flawed over even modest amounts of time. This is how Juan Catalan came to be arrested for a murder for which he couldn’t have possibly committed as he was no where near the actual murder scene. Police were totally convinced Catalan was lying and they chose to attempt to railroad him into admitting to a crime he did not do which he steadfastly denied. The zeal of the police should have at the least been professionally tempered as they came to believe Calalan was the killer just from a questionable witness and composite picture. The zeal only fed off the zeal of the prosecutor who had never lost a murder case. All of this made it look as if Catalan was heading for a conviction and a possible death sentence.

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