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Little SisterLittle Sister (2016)

Director: Zach Clark

Stars: Addison Timlin, Ally Sheedy, Keith Poulson

Genre: Comedy | Drama

IMDB Rating: 6.1

Release: 14 Oct 2016 (Usa)

Little Sister :-Watch Little Sister on,Mother: “When you were growing up, Dad and I thought you’d become a lesbian Satanist.”
Daughter: “Sometimes I think you’re sad I’m not.”It’s a powerful indication of just how well “Little Sister” works that the above exchange does not come off as “quirky,” or “kooky,” or a “black comedy” ba-dum-ching punchline. The words make total sense in context, and the mood is one of sadness, regret, and a chastened mother-daughter closeness after years of estrangement. Zach Clark, who wrote and directed “Little Sister,” pulls off many such moments—precise and delicate—in his film. “Little Sister” is about many things: family relationships, the intersection of the personal and the political, how faith provides comfort in a chaotic world, how decisions made far off in Washington impact citizens in life-changing ways. There are no blaring headlines of Meaning in “Little Sister.” It’s a quiet and gentle film, emotional but not manipulatively sentimental, sad but not nihilistic, Marilyn Manson epigram and Goth-font chapter markers notwithstanding.The film’s title has a double meaning. Colleen Lunsford (Addison Timlin) is the “little sister” to an older brother, and also a novitiate waiting to take her final vows to become a nun. Living in a convent in Brooklyn, she is devoted to her faith, and to the “good works” aspect of it, soup kitchens, helpin

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