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Little Miss PerfectLittle Miss Perfect (2016)


Director: Marlee Roberts

Stars: Karlee Roberts, Lilla Crawford, Izzy Palmieri

Genre: Drama

IMDB Rating: 4.9

Release: 18 Nov 2016 (Uk)

Little Miss Perfect :-Watch Little Miss Perfect on,This movie was literally one of the worst movies I have ever seen on eating disorders. It seems to have taken every single cliché about eating disorders and rolled it into one movie…. white girl, perfect student before disease, well to do, ‘ana’ bracelet, thinspo, etc.I could maybe get past the horrible acting if it has some semblance of truth to it but in reality it is nothing but stereotypes and probably a lot more harmful than helpful.In summary its not close to an accurate description of the someone that has an eating disorder. The fact the she’s cured so easily is terrible. Most people with this mental disease usually go their whole lives suffering from this.I wish the director had done a better job of researching and definitely casting better actors. The main actress was awful.In conclusion, I would not suggest watching this movie to ANYONE but especially children, pre-teens and teenagers.
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