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Lily Grace: A Witch Story Lily Grace: A Witch Story (2015)

Director: Wes Miller

Stars: Scott Seegmiller, James Palmer, Greg Travis

Genre: Thriller

IMDB Rating: 6.2

Release: 03 Nov 2015 (Usa)

Lily Grace: A Witch Story :-Watch Lily Grace: A Witch Story on,The special effects are no question noteworthy especially taking in consideration a shoe-string budget. Once we get an actual glimpse of the actual witch Lily Grace the payoff is astronomical and will render many writhing in their seats. I would be most interested in checking out additional projects this special effects team and seeing their final product. Special kudos go to the director for managing to convey an elusive sense of scare tactics. The viewer is prompted on a subconscious level to create their own imagery of the evil forces. As a result we’re invited into facing our own deepest, darkest fears and the roller coaster ride is harnessed most effectively.Unfortunately the final execution of the heightened climax comes across as a comparable eighties montage fully equipped with synthesizer soundtrack and falls far from its mark of maximum impact. The film definitely isn’t for everyone but in hindsight one could do far worse in their entertainment selection for an evening. There’s no doubt the prospect of Lily Grace: A Witch Story appeared tremendous on paper but in the end the impact was lack luster and will get lost in the shuffle.A band of would be thieves enter the fray and sadly just aren’t portrayed very convincingly for even the least savvy of audiences. Their presence alone simply seems to be murky in the plot development and distracts from an otherwise well written script. Many viewers will have difficulty buying into the whole swash buckling trio ordeal and may ultimately abandon the spectacle before the final credits.
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