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Life Inside Islamic StateLife Inside Islamic State ( 2017)


Director: :Scott Coello

Stars: Faisal Irshaid

Genre: Documentary | Animation | Short

IMDB Rating: 8.2

Release: 5 Feb 2017 (Usa)

Life Inside Islamic State :- Watch Life Inside Islamic State on, An animated documentary about the experiences of the Arabic activist Al-Sharqiya-24 in the Syrian city of Raqqa after an extremist group of Jihadists took over the city, as told to the BBC Radio 4 Today’s Mike Thomson.Why would anyone want to live inside this man made hellhole you ask ? You have to put the ongoing wars in the Middle East in to context . The war is simply an ongoing battle between two sets of Muslims – the Shia and Sunni. Iraq was ruled the Saddam regime almost exclusively composed of the Sunni minority oppressing the Shia Muslims who make up the majority Iraqis . Next door in Syria it’s the opposite problem with the Assad regime being a Shia minority oppressing the Sunni majority helped by Iranian proxies and Putin’s airforce . To be fair to Deash/ISIS ( If it’s possible to be fair to the scum of the Earth ) a Sunni Muslim in the Caliphate won’t be murdered for being the wrong sort of Muslim , they’ll only be murdered for refusing to allow their 12 year old daughter be conscripted in to marrying a Jihadi , or consuming alcohol , or being homosexual or a hundred other things but not on the grounds of being a Sunni Muslim
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