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Lies We TellLies We Tell (2017)


Director: Mitu Misra

Stars : Gabriel Byrne, Sibylla Deen, Mark Addy

IMDB Rating : 3.7

Genre : Crime | Romance | Thriller

Release Date : 2 Feb 2018

. Lies We Tell :- Watch . Lies We Tell on,Gabriel Byrne and Harvey Keitel lend a light sheen of heavyweight credibility to Lies We Tell, the debut feature by Anglo-Indian businessman turned indie filmmaker Mitu Misra. Set and shot in the northern English city of Bradford, this culture-clash thriller may be timely and heartfelt, but not even a solid team of well-credentialed talents both on-screen and off can salvage its cliché-sodden storyline and woefully flat direction. Scheduled for limited theatrical release in both the U.S. and U.K. from Friday, Misra’s passionless passion project already feels dead in the water.At least Byrne gives a reliably craggy, soulfully disheveled performance as Donald, a downtrodden middle-aged divorcee working as a chauffeur to Yorkshire-based American billionaire tycoon Demi (Keitel, coasting through a five-minute semi-cameo paycheck role). Loyal and discreet, Donald routinely turns a blind eye to his employer’s clandestine extramarital assignations. But when Demi dies suddenly, he bequeaths his trusted manservant one final task: to spare his family any embarrassment by cutting all ties to his beautiful young Anglo-Pakistani mistress Amber (Australian-born rising star Sibylla Deen).But erasing Amber from the picture is easier said than done. After an initially frosty encounter, Donald slowly comes to empathize with th

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