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LavalantulaLavalantula (2015)

Director: Mike Mendez

Stars: Steve Guttenberg, Nia Peeples, Patrick Renna

Genre: Horror | Sci-Fi

IMDB Rating: 4.8

Release: 25 July 2015 (Uk)

Lavalantula :-Watch Lavalantula on,Steve Guttenberg, Nia Peeples, Noah Hunt and Patrick Renna star in this 2015 sci-fi action film. This takes place in L.A. and Guttenberg (Police Academy) plays action film star, Colton West who finds himself in a real-life film after earthquakes unleash giant lava-spitting spiders that terrorize the city. Colton races across town to save his wife, Olivia (Peeples) and teenage son, Wyatt (Hunt). Renna (The Sandlot) plays Jack, a fan of Colton who helps him and Guttenberg’s “Police Academy” co-stars, Michael Winslow, Marion Ramsey and Leslie Easterbrook also appear. This pays tribute and pokes fun at giant creature features like “Sharknado” and Guttenberg is great in it as usual. It’s a cheesy, but fun flick I recommend checking out at least once.there’s a bigger problem than the heat… Giant, magma-powered spiders are attacking! Okay, sure, none of these giant spiders are in sight – they’ll be added later – but still, the cast and crew of Syfy’s Lavalantula — debuting this Saturday night on Syfy — are hard at work battling fearsome, lava-spewing, eight-legged death. But don’t worry, help is coming, as washed up movie star Colton West (Steve Guttenberg), a tourist named Chris (Patrick Renna) and a man who calls himself Pirate Jack (Ralph Garman) race into action in a convertible to help save the day.In the midst of it all, director Mike Mendez is in familiar territory. After all, he directed a previous Syfy movie, Big Ass Spider! As he said to me on set, with a chuckle, “Yeah, apparently I have the most specific niche in Hollywood of doing spider movies that attack Los Angeles!”Big Ass Spider! was well received, garnering decent reviews, a nomination at the SXSW film festival for the Audience Award and a win at the Saturn awards for best DVD/Blu-Ray release. Still, Mendez was wary of jumping back into a similar realm.

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