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The Last ScoutThe Last Scout ( 2017)


Director: : Simon Phillips

Stars: Blaine Gray, Simon Phillips, Rebecca Ferdinando

Genre: Sci-Fi

IMDB Rating: 6.8

Release: 7 March 2017 (Usa)

The Last Scout :- Watch The Last Scout on,2065…With Earth rendered uninhabitable by war, humanity’s remaining survivors send a fleet of ships to different points in the galaxy in the hope of finding a new world. After seven years of travel and long since out of communication range, the crew of The Pegasus are nearing their destination when they encounter a derelict ship. As tensions on board rise and they struggle to complete their mission they soon realize that they are not alone and must fight for their survival – and the survival of the human race.One of the most boring movies i have ever had the displeasure to wear my TV out on watching. So bad it wasn’t funny! the actual acting wasn’t too bad but Geez the cinematography!, the cockpit looked like a gray box with some 7″ tablets as instrument panels with flashing lights all the same color on it! I wish i hadn’t watched the thing now!As for inside the ship! oh my god! probably the best way to describe it is it was done on a budget of $50

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