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Last Day of School Last Day of School ( 2016)


Director: : Michael Mahal, Sonny Mahal

Stars : :Lloyd Kaufman, Rachel Riley, Mark Justice

Genre : Comedy

IMDB Rating: 5.7

Release: 1 July 2016 (Usa)

Last Day of School :- Watch Last Day of School on, I actually like a lot of Troma films. Low budget comedy isn’t always a bad thing but it does have to have at least a sense of humour and some decent casting. This film has neither.Unfunny script and no-talent actors in their 30s playing college kids is a recipe for a disaster and that certainly holds true for this “movie”. Add the total lack of meaningful production values and you have a steaming pile of crap trying to be the next Van Wilder.They spent about $5 on the opening titles–all 20 seconds of them– and maybe $7.50 on the score. The background music is so horrible that I almost turned the movie off after the first 30 seconds. Most amateur efforts on YouTube have better music.Then there is the setting. A dorm room (I guess) with a couple of thirty something college kids eating what is supposed to be a high class meal. There’s a chocolate cake and some cheap looking wine on the table. The movie is supposed to be in Las Vegas so they segue to some stock footage of a fountain that I guess is the Bellagio and then you see some guys talking on a generic looking street.After that I just quit watching. I didn’t laugh and in fact I didn’t even crack a smile during what was probably less than 10 minutes. But it felt like a couple of hours of torture. I didn’t even manage to stick around to see Lloyd Kaufman who I usually enjoy. It just wasn’t worth it.

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