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Landing Up (2018)


Director : Daniel Tenenbaum

Stars : Ben Rappaport, Stacey Maltin, Dov Tiefenbach

IMDB Rating : 4.6

Genre : Drama

Release Date : 15 May 2018

Landing Up :- Watch . . Landing Up on,When a young woman finds herself living life on the streets she learns the art of picking up men to put a roof over her head. But when she meets the guy of her dreams her secret threatens to ruin their perfect relationship.CHRISSIE and CECE play a con game with strangers to put a roof over their heads while fantasizing about their dream apartment. When Chrissie meets DAVID, a funny, genuine guy who works his way into her heart, she falls for him and must decide whether to confess the real circumstances of her life or continue her lie at all costs. Even at the cost of someone’s life..