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LA 92 LA 92 ( 2017)


Director: Daniel Lindsay

Stars :Henry Alfaro, Danny Bakewell, John D. Barnett

Genre: History | Documentary

IMDB Rating: 6.1

Release: 28 April 2017 (Usa)

LA 92 :- Watch LA 92 on,National Geographic provides a stellar documentary concerning the 1992 Los Angeles riots that took place as a result of the Rodney King case. I’m not going to go over the facts of the case because that is what this documentary is for so it is time to concentrate on what it got right.This is strictly a documentary in the most basic sense. Archival footage that ranges from news reports to amateur video that covers all events surrounding the trial and the riots themselves. It really plants you in the middle of the tension in the city from when the Rodney King video surfaced all the way through the end of the riots. It is intense and downright scary at times watching the city just crumble and go up in flames. The documentary covers all perspectives and lets the footage speak for itself with zero commentary from talking head. It also sheds light on the Korean-African American tension that was going on that also added to the violence of the riots which gave it a human face besides the Rodney King case.

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