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KusoKuso ( 2017)


Director: : Flying Lotus

Stars : Hannibal Buress, George Clinton, David Firth

Genre : Drama | Horror

IMDB Rating: 5.4

Release: 21 July 2017 (Uk)

Kuso :- Watch Kuso on, In the year 2961,Kuso,” a trippy collection of surreal comedy sketches, feels like a variety show from another planet. It’s a noisy, lumpy collection of gross stuff that is vaguely thematically related, but only by stream-of-conscious logic. This presents a problem: how seriously should we take such a puzzling, fitfully fascinating collection of barely developed ideas, many of which center on bodily fluids, human waste, and rotting body parts? Written, scored and directed by formidable hip-hop artist Flying Lotus (AKA: Steve Ellison), “Kuso” is too proudly low-brow to be art gallery material. But you can see a level of consideration and personality here that sometimes puts this film leagues ahead of anything that’s being done by contemporary post-dada pop surrealists like Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, Eric Andre, and many other stoner-friendly comedians who regularly crank out bizarro outsider art for Cartoon Network’s late-night Adult Swim off-shoot. “Kuso” may often feel unproductively loud, and monotonous, but it is a head-scratcher worth contending with.

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