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jungle (2017)


Director: : Greg McLean

Stars : Daniel Radcliffe, Thomas Kretschmann, Alex Russell

IMDB Rating : 4.4

Genre : Action | Adventure | Biography

Release Date : 20 Oct 2017

. jungle :- Watch . jungle on, This film is a smorgasbord of epic cinematography, beautiful location shoots, great directing and outstanding performance by Daniel Radcliffe.However, I felt this is one of those films that had it been played at 1.5x speed, I would have enjoyed it more. The 1h 55min run-time felt really unnecessarily long. 1hr 15-25min would have been perfect had the pace picked up in certain areas it dragged.The movie is about a group of friends that are tempted to go on an adventure into the jungle and got separated and, finally lost. The concept is not new, and the movie did not surprise us at all. Some of the scenes are confusing, and the action is sometimes lost. The actors give their best to stand out, but that is difficult due to the poor script. Daniel Radcliffe has an OK performance. We have seen better, but no doubt that is an incredible actor. Overall, it is a good movie to chill and enjoy the incredible landscapes.

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