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Jailbreak (2017)


Director: Jimmy Henderson

Stars : Celine Tran, Jean-Paul Ly, Tharoth Sam

IMDB Rating : 5.8

Genre : Action | Comedy

Release Date : 29 Sep 2017

Jailbreak :- Watch . Jailbreak on,Follow up the successful of The Raid in 2011 that make action lover around the world acknowledge Indonesia in 2017 Cambodia make their first break out mainstream action movie Jailbreak with their own martial arts and many new kick-ass faces especially Jean-Paul Ly and Celine Tran.With little to no characters development the movie focus purely on the bone breaking action with wide camera shot from start to finish and when you thought it all over it tease you with a sequel that I very looking forward toWith a name like “Jailbreak”, action scenes are imminent in this latest offering from Cambodian-based Italian director Jimmy Henderson. While action-packed, the pacing of the movie is not rushed. It opens with mellow steps, easing fans into the storyline, giving them a breather before the action sequences finally kick in.In the beginning, we see action star Jean-Paul Ly being introduced as Inspector Ly to the team, we see the tension building up between the new face and the rest of the team. There’s especially friction between the inspector and Dara Our’s and Tharoth Sam’s police characters. Once the action kicks in about half an hour into the movie, this trio will be the main characters that will take fans on an exhilarating ride of endless action.

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