Watch Island Zero (2017) Movie Online Free

Island Zero (2017)


Director : Josh Gerritsen

Stars : Laila Robins, Adam Wade McLaughlin, Teri Reeves

IMDB Rating : 4.6

Genre : Horror

Release Date : 16 June 2017

Island Zero :- Watch . . Island Zero on,A group of people living on a small island in New England find themselves cut off from the mainland,no ferry,no supplies,no power,no internet. At first,the obvious limitations of the budget was a little worrying,but the cast,the story,and the writing really made up for it,and I found myself absorbed in the lives of these people,and the lurking horror out of sight. The first 45 minutes are very effective,and I do wish they had stuck to this instead of the later attempts at sci-fi action,which is rarely possible on such a small budget. There are a few bits of gore,which seemed to be the wrong color to me,next time up the red and shiny! The second half was OK, and with a larger budget I could see this movie doing very well,I really liked the setup and the atmosphere and paranoia of the first half was very well done indeed. So,a mixed bag,I was hoping that the apocalyptic Lovecraftian feel of the first half would continue through the whole film,perhaps the filmmakers would go that route on another movie? Because there’s lots of promise here,a damn fine effort. The doctor’s identity drove me nuts,until I realized she was in Planes Trains and Automobiles!! She was fantastic,a great character,I liked the film and would watch it again.