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Ingrid Goes WestIngrid Goes West ( 2017)


Director: : Matt Spicer

Stars : Aubrey Plaza, Elizabeth Olsen, O’Shea Jackson Jr.

Genre : Comedy | Drama

IMDB Rating: 7.7

Release: 11 Aug 2017 (Usa)

Ingrid Goes West :- Watch Ingrid Goes West on putlockerwatch.comHow would Ingrid operate if not for social media? It occurs to me watching this movie that social media, especially Instagram where pictures probably tell much more about one’s life (and with those ever-so leading tells from the little description under the picture, with those hashtags saying the most in the briefest visual communication), doesn’t create people to become more isolated and depressed and incensed, but it certainly doesn’t do much to help.In the case of Ingrid, she is someone for who following someone on Instagram is the lifeline into their lives, and if it doesn’t create those who are on the outside and need help and don’t have it, it exploits it for her. It’s possible she could have seen the article about Taylor, the Elizabeth Olsen character – but it’s not very likely *Taylor* would have become known as “The Best Friend,” seemingly every-so hip and trending, but also a welcome mat for… those who are looking for a friendThis is one of thoseultra-no-light-whatsoever-black comedies, and it’s comedic because we can recognize that low pit of loneliness and despair and cringe along with everyone else as things become intense and estranged and obfuscation and the truth collide (or some of us can – if possible maybe some are secretly more like Taylor, hiding who they are to be much cooler than they really are – or even Taylor’s significant other Ezra, who quits his job to become an artist but doesn’t sell anything, or maybe Dan is more like it, the would-be screenwriter inspired by Batman Forever – stroke of genius, by the way, that he is *not* inspired by The Dark Knight – or maybe one or two are Taylor’s brother Nicky, a real bastard who at least doesn’t pretend *too* much about who he is as a character out of a Brett Easton Ellis novel

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