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Infinity Baby (2017)


Director: Bob Byington

Stars : Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally, Martin Starr

IMDB Rating : 6.4

Genre : Comedy

Release Date : 11 March 2017

. Infinity Baby :- Watch . Infinity Baby on, I really liked Infinity Baby. After reading that it opened to uproarious laughs, I found the humor somewhat quieter than I was expecting. That said, I saw it in the afternoon on a weekday at SFIFF, so we were probably a less lubricated, tamer crowd.Kieran Culkin as Ben is great, and every woman in the cast gives a stand-out performance. One of the best tricks of the film is how we watch Trieste Kelly Dunn’s character Allison through Ben’s warped perspective, and then later see her personality re-framed more objectively. This is in part, thanks to Dunn’s acting, though I’m sure it’s also in the direction. Having seen it only once, I can’t put my finger on how the shift is so palpably realized, but it’s fantastic. I’m pretty sure there’s no sound effect of a record screeching to a halt in the soundtrack, but that’s the feeling that is captured during that scene.After an intentionally-predictable (and perfect) plot twist, the film hits its stride both in terms of humor and its hints at depth, but then it ends, sooner than you’ll want it to. It makes sense that the laughs would build once we’re familiar with the world of the movie, but I’m not sure the depth felt earned or explored as much as it could have been.Nick Offerman is a lovable actor, and while I love watching him as Neo, it also felt to me like he was being brandished like a secret weapon, when this movie didn’t need a secret weapon. Everything and everyone around him in Infinity Baby is already strong and held more surprise.After the screening, I waited in line for the restroom and a man (whom I later confirmed was the critic for Variety) asked me skeptically, “Did you get something from that?” I said an agnostic “I did, yes.” He said that the movies make him laugh a bit but don’t amount to anything for him. I felt a little tongue-tied, and conveniently the restroom became available just then, so I said “I have many thoughts about this, but I’m going to go to the restroom now.”The main thought I opted not to share with the critic is that my review is biased by an unwieldy crush I have on Bob Byington, whom I met by happenstance last November before I’d ever seen any of his movies.


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