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The Incredible Jessica JamesThe Incredible Jessica James( 2017)


Director: : Jim Strouse

Stars : Lakeith Stanfield, Chris O’Dowd, Noël Wells

Genre : Comedy

IMDB Rating: 6.9

Release: 28 July 2017 (Usa)

The Incredible Jessica James :- Watch The Incredible Jessica James on,In the opening credits sequence of “The Incredible Jessica James,” written and directed by Jim Strouse, Jessica James (Jessica Williams), a twentysomething aspiring playwright living in Brooklyn, dances around on her apartment roof (after having danced through the hallways and up the stairs to get there). Her dancing is wild, athletic, funny, sometimes clumsy, always exuberant. Even if you go into the film unfamiliar with Williams from her gig as a correspondent on “The Daily Show,” she’s an infectious and likable presence immediately. She’s not trying to show you how well she can dance. She lopes around like a big kid on the first day of summer vacation. She’s letting off steam, cracking herself up. This sequence announces the film’s intentions: “The Incredible Jessica James” is an old-fashioned star vehicle. It doesn’t have much meat to it, and it borrows from various young-artist narratives, so that in some cases you might think, “I’ve seen this all before.” Yes. You have. But not with a leading lady like Jessica Williams. She’s something else entirely.

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