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Husband Killers (2017)


Director: Ka Wing Lee

Stars : Chrissie Chau, Gaile Lai, Stephy Tang

IMDB Rating : 4.3

Genre : Action | Crime | Drama

Release Date : 07 Dec 2017

Husband Killers :- Watch . Husband Killers on,A revolting male fantasy disguised as a women-empowering revenge thriller, this fourth feature by former playwright and theatre director Fire Lee Ka-wing ( Robbery ) is an exploitation film so misguidedly conceived, it’s bound to leave an awful taste in the mouth for most viewers. Coincidentally released at a time when sexual predators around the world are publicly shamed, Husband Killers couldn’t appear more tone-deaf if it tried..When professional assassins Chanel Tsui (Stephy Tang Lai-yan) and Dior Mok (Chrissie Chau Sau-na) discover that the man they’ve respectively spent the past 10 years with is the same person, the two trigger-happy ladies swiftly decide to take each other out. Then the equation changes when Tsui the wife and Mok the girlfriend learn that their man is seeing a third woman, the equally unhinged SDU officer Hermes Tong (model Gaile Lok in a rare screen outing).

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