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The Hunt for Dark MatterThe Hunt for Dark Matter (2017)


Director: Daniel H. Birman

Stars : Daniel H. Birman

IMDB Rating : 4.5

Genre : Short

Release Date : 04 May 2017

.The Hunt for Dark Matter :- Watch .The Hunt for Dark Matter on, ot long ago, the actor Tilda Swinton—cosmic muse to cinéastes, fashion designers, and physicists—took on another shape-shifting role as the voice of a new a planetarium film, “Phantom of the Universe: The Hunt for Dark Matter.” “As we look out into the night sky, we are both dazzled and comforted by the patches of light we find there,” her narration begins. In time, Swinton continues, astronomers started to suspect that there was something more out there than these brilliant moons, stars, and galaxies—“something hiding in the dark spaces.” The film premièred in Mexico City, on Sunday, and today has special showings worldwide in celebration of this, the inaugural Dark Matter Day.
Everything that humans have seen up until now exists in the 4.9 per cent of the universe that interacts with light. The rest is hidden from view. Most of it, physicists believe—68.3 per cent—is dark energy, an enigmatic force that drives the accelerating expansion of the cosmos. The rest—26.8 per cent—consists of dark matter, a ghostly goo that is thought to hold the cosmos together. This is why the Interactions Collaboration, a global consortium of particle-physics laboratories, has reimagined Halloween as Dark Matter Day. “Dark matter seems to ‘hide’ in plain sight and doesn’t play by the known rules of physics,” a promotional F.A.Q. explains. “It’s like a costumed trick-or-treater who rings the doorbell and then dashes away, and scientists are trying to unmask it.

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