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The HowlingThe Howling (2017)


Director: Steven M. Smith

Stars : Elizabeth Saint, Wendy Morgan, Jon-Paul Gates

IMDB Rating : 7.8

Genre : Horror

Release Date : 12 Feb 2018

. The Howling :- Watch . The Howling on,Steven M Smith is a prolific UK producer of Horror and gangster genre movies, predominantly based in or around East London, Kent and Essex. The Howling is an artistic portrayal of a horror movie with shades of Nosferatu and other classic horror influences. Some great character work particularly by JP Gates. Recommended to all lovers of the genre.I have no problems with college looking movies. After all, the Blair Witch Project was a classic. First problem with this movie is the name. The Howling was a classic movie first released in 1981. If a movie can’t even think of an original name and uses a classic, you know there are problems. The story line was weak, the filming looked cheap and characters such as Baron Rathbone IV were laughable and demonstrated some of the worse acting I have ever seen. Run, don’t walk from your movie. You will be upset that you wasted the time..

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