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House on Willow StreetHouse on Willow Street (2016)


Director : Alastair Orr

Stars : Sharni Vinson, Carlyn Burchell, Steven John Ward

IMDB Rating : 6.2

Genre : Action | Horror | Thriller

Release Date : 24 March 2017

House on Willow Street :- Watch House on Willow Street on, I just can’t understand why people are rating this movie low. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Though there were some errors in special effects but, plot and story are overall great. When I started playing it, I thought it is over rated but as the time passed it grabbed my whole attention. I would love to rate it as a 7 star movie.Saw this recently on a DVD. Got enticed by the trailer n had seen the director’s film, Indigenous which was decent. A short review should b something like this, full of clichés, absurd dialogues, not scary, moments of tension n suspense r almost zero, no good kills n repetitive scenes of apparitions n demonic levitation eventually reducing the scare factors. The demon is shown very powerful but u have to see the ending… a total letdown. On a good note, the effects r good. The designs of the demons were pretty interesting. Use of both lighting and color give this film a macabre tone, which works in its favor. Sharni Vinson looks extremely tired and skinny. Her eye bags were very visible in some scenes. Ther have been decent movies in the past where the movie changes genre; Psycho, Malevolence, Dead birds, From dusk till dawn, Livid, Frontiers, etc. Also where the criminals/intruders meet more powerful match; Don’t breathe, Intruders, Siren, Gallows hill, Whisper, etc.

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