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Hot Tub Party MassacreHot Tub Party Massacre ( 2016)


Director: : Chris Greenaway

Stars : Chrissy Cooke, Stu Ford, Sarah Foster

Genre : Horror

IMDB Rating: 4.8

Release: 28 Oct 2016 (Usa)

Hot Tub Party Massacre :- Watch Hot Tub Party Massacre on putlockerwatch.comHot Tub Party Massacre is a 2016 Canadian slasher horror film written and directed by Chris Greenaway (Grindsploitation 3: Video Nasty; Witchstalker). It stars Erin Hyndman, Jynx Vandersteen and Amanda Nickels. Former Scream Queen Brinke Stevens has a cameo role.The sisters of the Delta Omega sorority won a free weekend at a luxurious hotel & spa. They planned on having a fun and steamy weekend. However, things go from steamy to bloody when an escaped serial killer checks in to the hotel and crashes their party…SRS Cinema is releasing the film in summer 2017 on Blu-ray and VHS.…it’s a nice throwback to slasher movies as they were done in the 1980s, before there was post-modern irony or any of that shit. Instead we get some fun characters, violence in all the right places but also plenty of tits and ass, and a comic book-like approach to things.” Mike Haberfelner, (Re)Search My Trash …a good attempt at the types of slasher films it aims to give a nod to from the 1980’s. This is complete with a character who is like Ralph from Friday the 13th (1980) announcing that they are all doomed, which of course no one pays attention to. There is a little blood and the kills are far from original but the film does have a couple of fun characters.” Peter Hopkins, Horrorscreams VideovaulChrissy Cooke, Stu Ford, Sarah Foster, Erin Hyndman, Mark Kiazyk, Brian Langlotz, Nicholas MacDonald, Frank McGwire, Amanda Nickels, Tony Lee Porteous, Sarah Soda, Brinke Stevens, Corey Taylor, Jynx Vandersteen, Danny Warren.

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