Watch The Haunted House on Kirby Road (2016) Movie Online Free

The Haunted House on Kirby RoadThe Haunted House on Kirby Road ( 2016)


Director: Stuart Stone

Stars : Nina Kiri, Chris Kapeleris, Sammi Barber

Genre : Adventure | Comedy | Horror

IMDB Rating: 5.9

Release:14 Oct 2016 (Usa)

The Haunted House on Kirby Road :- Watch The Haunted House Six young friends watch a video of a haunted house on the internet. One of them recognizes the person in the video. They decide to check out the haunted house on Kirby Road.It’s a low budget Canadian indie horror. The setup is fine if rather plain. The condom scene has one hilarious laugh. It’s a good start but it stagnates upon arriving at the house. It takes awhile for the horror to start. In fact, it’s well into the second half. The actors are ready to scream but the house is not up to the challenge. It’s an indie horror that fails to be scary.I’m writing this review for the sole purpose of totally counter-acting one user’s bogus 10-star and ONLY review on IMDb… and to let film makers know that if they have to fake-review their own films on IMDb, maybe they shouldn’t be making films in the first place.Movies need to stand on their own. If they can’t stand up to a legit review process (good or bad) then they aren’t worth watching (good or bad). If you can’t take the heat of honest reviews– stop making films.

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