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Happy 40th (2015)


Director : Madoka Raine

Stars : Fernando Acosta, Jenni Blong, Robyn Cohen

IMDB Rating : 5.5

Genre : Drama

Release Date : 29 May 2015

Happy 40th :- Watch . . Happy 40th on, I was hesitant about watching this movie after I read the summary only because I was feeling down and wanted more of a pick-me-up theme. I was so glad I went ahead decided to view it as it not only picked me up, but took me down and around and back up again. The acting was amazing – pure, electric, emotive, realistic, passionate, convincing, and at times even playful.I thoroughly enjoyed this movie – it made me think and dig through layers of what my expectations would be for myself, my spouse and friends were I to encounter the same life- altering challenges the characters in the movie were forced to deal with.The actors became the characters – their skills were such that, at times I was so immersed in a particular scene, I felt like I was in the same room with them.Also, the directing was fantastic. (Contrary to what a previous comment stated, I thought the director looked about the same age as the other women in this movie).




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