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Hannah (2017)


Director: Andrea Pallaoro

Stars : Charlotte Rampling, André Wilms, Stéphanie Van Vyve

IMDB Rating : 6.5

Genre : Drama

Release Date :24 Jan 2018

Hannah :- Watch . Hannah on,Charlotte Rampling gives an emotionally rigorous display of bruising internalization, without an ounce of vanity, in the title role of Hannah. But although the lead performance commands admiration, the overall impact of this unrelentingly dour account of a woman struggling to carry on with her life after her husband’s imprisonment is dulled by its distancing approach. While Italian-born director Andrea Pallaoro showed promise with his 2013 debut Medeas, an elegant contemporary twist on Greek tragedy, this second feature is an exercise in miserabilism that withholds far more than it yields.Set in an unnamed Belgian city near the coast, the film unfolds in the wake of a crime that is never explicitly identified but strongly suggested via clues sprinkled throughout the elliptical action: A woman is heard beating on Hannah’s door, demanding a “mother-to-mother” talk about the damage inflicted on her son; an envelope of unseen but clearly incriminating photographs is found tucked behind a closet. Hannah’s careworn face clouds over during these moments, her hooded eyes expressing fear, humiliation and shame.We first encounter her releasing a guttural scream that turns out to be a vocal exercise for the theater group to which she belongs. Movement games and scene studies from those classes punctuate the action, with Hannah at times working on dialogue that overlaps ambiguously with her situation at home.

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