Watch Hammer Horror: The Warner Bros. Years (2018) Movie Online Free

Hammer Horror: The Warner Bros. Years (2018)


Director : Marcus Hearn

Stars : Veronica Carlson, John Carson, Steve Chibnall

IMDB Rating : 6.1

Genre : Documentary

Release Date : 2018

. . Hammer Horror: The Warner Bros. Years :- Watch . . Hammer Horror: The Warner Bros. Years on, To this day, Hammer carries a lot of weight in the horror realm and remains synonymous with the genre after all these years. And despite being fairly quiet in recent times since relaunching the brand in 2007, titles released during their glory years continue to find resonance among genre aficionados. Therefore, whenever a new documentary dedicated to the studio is released, it’s worth your time if you’re fan or even just interested in learning more about the history of an influential entity on the wide scope of genre cinema.However, despite the many documentaries and featurettes made about Hammer’s history, none have specifically focused on their partnership with Warner Bros. — which was a period where they released some of their most interesting films such as Taste the Blood of Dracula, Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed and The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires. Therefore, in collaboration with horror and definitive Hammer historian Marcus Hearn, Diabolique Films has decided to fill this void by delivering an informative and entertaining documentary chronicling this period.As an introduction to Hammer Films, it serves as a great starting point as we’re given an accessible overview. Newcomers still navigating my way through Hammer’s filmography will be able to jump in and learn about a specific chapter in the studio’s rich history without feeling lost. Documentaries are invitations to worlds we can opt to explore at our own leisure further if we choose to do so, and as an invitation to Hammer movies this is an alluring one. However, established fans will find much to enjoy here, including interviews with notable expert commentators and studio alumni. There is also new archival footage, production stills, visits to locations and other bits and bobs that will go down a treat with die-hards.

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