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Halik sa hanginHalik sa hangin (2015)

Director: Manny Palo

Stars: Gerald Anderson, JC de Vera, Julia Montes

Genre: Mystery | Romance |Thriller

IMDB Rating: 6.4

Release: 28 jan 2015 (Uk)

Halik sa hangin :-Watch Halik sa hangin on putlockerwatch.comA young woman is brought to Baguio by her new stepfather. While she struggles with her new family and surroundings, she finds herself torn between two young men who bring passion into her life.Never mistake Emmanuel Palo’s Halik sa Hangin as something of an innovation for Star Cinema. It has all been done before, and with astronomically better results.Cholo Laurel’s criminally underseen Nasaan Ka Man (2005), also set in Baguio, featured a romance veiled with supernatural undertones. Nasaan Ka Man, however, was consistent in tone and intention. It never let go of the romance even amidst the twists and turns that tok the narrative down the route of thrills and tension.Halik sa Hangin, by comparison, is an intricate mess. It plods deliberately like a leaden love story, before rushing into a finale that feels jarringly out of place. It is just as confused as it is confusing.
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