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GodGod’s Pocket (2014)

Director: : John Slattery

Stars: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Christina Hendricks, Richard Jenkins

Genre: Crime | Drama

IMDB Rating: 6.1

Release: 08 Aug 2014 (Usa)

God’s Pocket :-Watch God’s Pocket on, Until recently you only had to die once in this city, even if you came from God’s Pocket.” Mickey Scarpato (Hoffman) is the step-father to a kid that no one in the city really likes. The son gets killed at work one day but no one will tell the truth about what happened. This doesn’t bother Mickey and he is ready to bury him right away but his wife and the boys mother demands the truth. Mickey does what he can to find out what happened but between finding out the truth, trying to make his wife happy and finding a way to pay for the funeral things begin to pile on top of him. When his wife turns to news reporter Richard Shellburn (Jenkins) for additional help things really begin to spiral out of control. This is a tough movie to review. I did think the movie was good and tense but did move very slow and was hard to stay focused on. The acting was great and this was very realistic but again though the pacing made it hard to stay engrossed in. Hoffman did a great job of playing someone who seemed lost and under an immense amount of stress and Jenkins was great as a sleazy reporter. The number one reason to watch this is for the acting. The movie itself, again, is pretty good but it is one you have to be in the mood for otherwise it will be a struggle to make it through. Overall, a movie that is worth seeing if you are in the mind set for it. It’s too bad that Hoffman died because he is great in roles like this. I give it a B-..
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