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Girlfriend KillerGirlfriend Killer ( 2016)


Director: Alyn Darnay

Stars : Dina Meyer, Corin Nemec, Barbie Castro

Genre : Thriller

IMDB Rating: 6.0

Release: 1 June 2017

Girlfriend Killer :– Watch Girlfriend Killer on,With a title like this, it’s clear there will be a Lifetime Psycho (LP) involved. In the opening, we have another Lifetime trademark: A female in jeopardy. A girl enters a home and we see what is likely the LP creeping around the house. Nothing happens, and we are treated to a 2 weeks ago flashback.Lifetime Heroine (LH) Barbie Castro plays Carmen, who films marriage proposals with the help of her daughter Ayla, played by Castro’s real life daughter Taylor. Barbie and her husband Eric produced this movie, which was actually filmed in Florida as opposed to the usual Lifetime location of Canada but set in Washington State. We also have Lifetime regular Dina Meyer, who has played both LH and LP. She’s sane here, playing a detective named Price. Corin Nemec, who was great as a teenager in Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, plays the other detective, Baker. The LP is Emerson, who was dumped by his girlfriend Marissa for another guy and earns the title role in a little over 30 minutes. The LH was nice to him afterward. I can’t omit Frenchi Firecracker, who plays a waitress, so this must be a firecracker of a movie.It was obvious where the LP dropped the ball: We see him shaving before his proposal. Nearly every other guy here, to include the one his girlfriend dumped him for, needs a shave. What was he thinking? Anyhow, the LH’s home is burglarized and her video equipment and footage stolen. She’s also dealing with boyfriend Ryan, who wants to propose and move in with her. The LP has the footage and watches himself being dumped until his level of psychosis is high enough to act.

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