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Girl Lost (2018)


Director : Robin Bain

Stars : Jessica Taylor Haid, Felix Ryan, Robin Bain

IMDB Rating : 4.6

Genre : Drama

Release Date : 1 May 2018

Girl Lost :- Watch . . Girl Lost on, I always say that the sign of a great independent film that is original and challenges the viewer is the number of 1/10 star reviews and 10/10 reviews. It’s a direct indication that the viewers who rated 1/10 stars really weren’t willing to watch with an open heart and an open mind. Without getting into the details of the story, you can read the synopsis or watch the trailer, Girl Lost is a rare piece of filmmaking. It’s beautifully written, tragic in thought, pure in it’s own way. I hope that people will continue to watch and fall in love with it as I did. By the end of movie the tears were streaming down my face. What a gem!I was fortunate enough to see GIRL LOST when it was still called Nowhereland on the big screen at The Grove in Los Angeles at a film festival. The movie won Best Picture at that festival and I believe the Audience Choice as well. I watched it again last night on Amazon Prime and my mind was not changed. What a brave piece of filmmaking. All of the performances are fantastic. Great casting and great attention to detail. Each moment was heartfelt. I can say that the theater was sold out at The Grove to an enthusiastic crowd. The subject matter is tough, so you really need to prepare yourself. The director did not hold back. Lot’s of tears! I did get to meet Felix Ryan after the screening. He was very friendly and if you’ve seen the film, he did an outstanding job. Felix is fantastic! I also met the director, Robin Bain. I felt her to be very warm and kind. I liked the fact that she took the time to meet people and actually listen to their feedback on the film. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to meet Jessica Taylor Haid, but I thought she was wonderful in the film. Hopefully next time. I can highly recommend this movie!