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A Ghost StoryA Ghost Story ( 2017)


Director: David Lowery

Stars : asey Affleck, Rooney Mara, McColm Cephas Jr.

Genre : Drama | Fantasy | Romance

IMDB Rating: 7.5

Release: 07 July 2017 (uk)

A Ghost Story :- Watch A Ghost Story on,C (Casey Affleck) is a struggling musician living with his wife M (Rooney Mara) in a small suburban house. One night, they hear a heavy bang on their piano, but are unable to find the cause for the noise. Some time later, C is killed in a car accident outside his home. At the morgue, he awakens as a ghost covered in a white sheet with two black holes for eyes. As he wanders aimlessly through the hospital, no one else able to see him, he comes to the end of a hallway and sees a doorway of bright flashing light open in front of him. After staring at it, the doorway eventually closes.C’s ghost leaves the hospital and returns to his house, watching his wife grieve over her loss. He continues watching over her for days and weeks on end that appear like seconds to him. Eventually, he meets another ghost inside the house beside his. She says that she is waiting for someone, but cannot remember who. One night, C’s Ghost sees M returning home with a new boyfriend. Angered, he makes all the lights in the house flicker and throws several books off a bookshelf, opening one to a passage that seems to upset M. Some time later, M listens to a song that C had written for her when he was alive. Finally, M decides to move from the house, but not before leaving a note on a small piece of paper tucked inside a crack in the corner of a wall and painting the crack closed, leaving C’s ghost behind.

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