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The Ghost KnowsThe Ghost Knows (2017)


Director: Swathi Bhaskar, Swathi Bhasker

Stars : Amy Polczer, Julio Mateo, Maya Molly

Genre : Horror

IMDB Rating: 5.1

Release: 01 Dec 2017 (Usa)

The Ghost Knows :- Watch The Ghost Knows on,THE GHOST KNOWS is a pretty unremarkable indie horror flick from Canada, halfway between a haunted house film and a demonic possession flick, but failing as either. It’s more a family drama than an all-out horror, with endless shots of family members hanging around in their home and walking through corridors. There are just a couple of possession scenes overall. Attempts are made at atmosphere building, but the budgetary constraints mean that this is one to avoid.Holy sh*t, what a terrible movie this was, terrible acting, dialogue, editing.. just everything. I cannot even describe how bad this was, but 1 part just annoyed the most and that’s when you can see that they couldn’t even be bothered to key out the blue screen in one of the scenes. Why is this not being marketed as a comedy as well? it felt more of a comedy than a horror film. I feel bad for the actors and i wonder if they even enjoyed making this garbage or if the ghost made them do it..

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