Watch Gasing Tengkorak (2017) Movie Online Free

Gasing Tengkorak (2017)


Director :Jose Poernomo

Stars : Nikita Willy, Rendy Khrisna, Voke Victoria

IMDB Rating : 4.4

Genre : Horror | Thriller

Release Date : 2 Nov 2017

Gasing Tengkorak :- Watch . . Gasing Tengkorak on, VERONICA (Nikita Willy), is a top diva. In a gig, Veronica suddenly fell unconscious. After getting help Veronica decided to calm herself away from disturbance. MICHAEL, Veronica’s manager, gets a place in line with Veronica’s expectations. A beautiful villa, luxurious, and far from everywhere. After entering the villa, Veronica told Michael to leave her alone. Initially staying in the villa was a pleasure for Veronica. But gradually, the occult disorders began to haunt Veronica, in the form of a SKULL GAME. When the Skull Gasing is spinning, the child’s disturbance will be life-threatening to Veronica. Apparently someone has deliberately played the Skull Gasing to harm Veronica. The more Veronica tried to uncover the secret behind it all, the greater the danger she would face. Can Veronica unravel the secrets behind it all safely? Who is the one who wants to harm him? Gasing Skull adopted the traditional game in Minang realm