Watch Gas Light (2017) Movie Online Free

Gas LightGas Light (2017)


Director : Chad Dossett

Stars : Julianna Robinson, William McNamara, Kirsten Roeters

IMDB Rating : 5.6

Genre : Horror | Thriller | Mystery

Release Date : 09 June 2018

Gas Light :- Watch Gas Light on, Look at the dates on all the 8+ reviews. Curious. Comparing this film to Hitchcock is saying a bicycle is the same as a Bentley because they both have wheels. Why a nun? Could have been any character. As others have stated, definitely not horror, I wouldn’t call it a thriller. It was just there. I also hate when a film thinks it’s “smart” with ooooooohhh “plot twists”. Honestly, believe the low reviews. Not even worth getting into the “plot”


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