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Ford ClitaurusFord Clitaurus (2017)


Director: MP Cunningham

Stars : n/a

IMDB Rating : 7.5

Genre : Short | Comedy

Release Date : Jan 2017

Ford Clitaurus :- Watch . Ford Clitaurus on,Coming back to say that Ford Clitaurus is amazing. Haven’t really seen any movies in a while, but me and my friends watch this like every week. I’ve seen it upwards of 10 times now probably. Just a super funny short film that is endlessly quotable. Only 17 people have logged here which makes me so sad, this such a fun short film/collection of little weird sketches. I’m so excited to see what MP Cunningham makes in the future.or some reason this really spoke to me. Bait and switch plot shifts, nonsense bits that go nowhere (the grocery store dance pqrty, the cheeeeeeese part, the spanish dude in the car). This could have easily been slacker Napoleon Dynamite gone awry but it worked for me. If anything the running time went by too fast!

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