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Fly on the WallFly on the Wall (2018)


Director : Michael R. Morris

Stars : Brian Combs, David Danipour, Terence Tierney

IMDB Rating : 3.9

Genre : Action | Crime | Horror

Release Date : 11 jan 2018

Fly on the Wall :- Watch Fly on the Wall on,A young man uses a bug camera to spy on his ex-girlfriend, then witnesses her abduction.Fly on the Wall, the latest film by writer/director Michael R. Morris, is not a typical thriller. It unfolds more like a documentary film, but not in a cheesy “found footage” sort of way. The POV camera is courtesy primarily of a “fly” that the main characters use to spy on on of their ex-girlfriends — creepy — and then they witness a chilling event that they struggle to react to. Part thriller, part treatise on techno-voyeurism (with some comic relief from the actor who plays the protagonist’s friend), Fly on the Wall avoids clichéd Hollywood twists as it builds to its clever conclusio